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Time To Make a Change?

This article from Teen Vogue is excellent. Yes, young adults have lost the traditional milestones that they have come to expect - homecoming, graudation, prom and so many others.

Parents and coaches can help them see this loss as an opportunity to define success and opportunities in their own terms. Just as Julia (22), who was intereviewed for this article, has.

Many students are taking this quarantine and virtual school change as a time to evaluate what they want. It's an opportunity to really stop and question the path they were on before COVID and WHY they were on that path. Are they following their own hearts, passions, and beliefs, or are they doing what they think they "should?" With this extra time and the knowledge that life can truly and completely change in the blink of an eye, they may decide to change their minds, and they may need someone and some time to figure out what to do now.

If you know a young adult who may be looking for ways to reframe this time in their lives, please PM me. You can also conact me through my webpage. I am open for new clients and would love to talk to you and/or your young adult about how coaching can help and if it's the right fit for them.

“I personally believe people have tried to shame me for not going down the traditional time path of you go to college for four years, and then you go to graduate school, and then you get married, have kids, type stuff,” Julia tells Teen Vogue, pointing out that while her peers graduated right before the pandemic hit and some have families, she was doing well, dropped out, experienced housing insecurity, and has gone through different restaurant jobs. But now, they tell them “I get to create my own path in this age of being a woman. It's so great that I get to choose and have agency over how my life is going to go, and I'm going to run with that,” they tell Teen Vogue. “I don't really try to concern myself anymore with the idea of everything completed in an orderly time just because I've experienced that life doesn't work that way.


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