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For Parents

Parenting teens is no easy task. That is an understatement, I know. My three children, ages 23, 19, and 17 have taught me a so much and humbled me along the way. I am a much different parent today than I was when my oldest became a teenager. 

One thing hasn't ever changed is that adolescence is an uncertain, intense, confusing, and pressure filled time in everyone's life. Another certainty: Adolescents just don't hear information from their parents like they do from other people. 

Has this ever happened to you? You tell your child something over and over and they reject it. Then, one day, they come home and say, "Someone told me I should do this!" and you reply, "I've been telling you this for months!" 

It has definitely happened to me. It also happened when I was a teen and young adult. I needed adults who were NOT my parents to listen to me without all my history in mind. People whom I trusted. Somehow, it all sounds different from an adult who is not your parent. 

Today, those adults are harder to find for young people. Coaches, teachers, and others in their lives are so focused on their academic achievements, or sports/activity achievements, that they may not be able to step back and be objective about their other priorities.


My role as a Life Coach is to be that objective, caring, openminded adult in their lives. I can listen to them and ask questions to help them reveal what they really want to do and be as well as help them develop the strategies to make the changes in their lives to get them to their goals. 

It's precisely because I am a parent, but not their parent, that I can help them find their way to making changes and achieve their goals.


Schedule a 20 minute phone consultation with me today to find out if coaching is a good fit for your teen or young adult. 


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